Episode 1 Trailer

February 20, 2021 PediPal Season 1 Episode 0
Episode 1 Trailer
Show Notes Transcript

The first episode of @PediPal is coming!
So listen to this trailer as a starting dose before titrating up to full strength. 
If the side effects are tolerable, then watch this space for the official release VERY soon...

Theme music: "Sneaky Adventure," by Kevin MacLeod (2009)

Jared Rubenstein:

My introduction to the team, it always comes with a paragraph to talk about what it is. And I sort of name that and say, you know, it's not as easy as saying we're the heart team or the lung team.

YouTube video:

Do you think there's any way you could talk to them but not use the word "fire?"

Bob Macauley:

You know, it's interesting to go back to the derivation of palliative from Balfour Mount in Montreal. He coined the word palliative care, in large part because nobody knew what it meant

Tricia Keefer:

People had been trying to convince us to not be called pediatric palliative care. And so we sort of dug our heels in for a while and decided that we really wanted to just be the pediatric palliative care team.

Justin Baker:

It's actually really interesting now to hear our CEO, if he tries to save the word palliative care, he always says "Palliative care-- I mean, quality of life.

Daniel Eison:

This is Dan.

Sarah Dabagh:

And this is Sarah.

Daniel Eison:

And we'd like to welcome you to PediPal.